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What Does Halted Mean on Twitter Ads?

SEM Geek


Staff member
Jun 21, 2023
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On Twitter Ads, the term "halted" typically refers to a temporary suspension or pause on the delivery of your ad campaign. When your campaign status is shown as "halted," it means that Twitter has temporarily stopped serving your ads for a specific reason. Here are a few possible reasons why your ad campaign might be halted on Twitter:

  • Payment Issues: If there are payment-related problems or issues with your billing information, Twitter may temporarily halt your campaign until the payment is resolved or verified. This pause ensures that there are no complications with the payment process and helps maintain the proper functioning of the advertising system.

  • Ad Review Process: Twitter conducts a review process for all ads before they are approved to run on the platform. If your ad campaign is in the review phase, it will appear as "halted" until the review is complete. This ensures that Twitter can assess your ads for compliance with their policies and guidelines.

  • Quality or Performance Concerns: Twitter may halt your campaign if they identify issues with the quality or performance of your ads. This can include low engagement rates, high bounce rates, or other factors that indicate your ads might not be meeting the desired objectives. Halting the campaign allows you to make necessary adjustments and improvements for better results.

If your campaign is halted, it's important to review the notification or email you received from Twitter to understand the specific reason for the halt. Follow any instructions or guidelines provided to address the issue promptly. You can usually find more information in your Twitter Ads account, including a description of why your campaign was halted and steps to resolve the issue.

It's worth noting that halting an ad campaign on Twitter is typically temporary, and you can often take corrective actions to address the issue and resume your campaign once the problem is resolved. If you need further assistance or clarification, it's recommended to reach out to Twitter Ads support or consult their documentation and guidelines for more information on resolving campaign halts.