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PDL-Profit with instant payments + Free bulk SMS sending


New Marketer

Apr 10, 2024
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For months now, I have been working with a new CPA Network specialized in financial and loan offers.

It is called PDL-Profit and it is strongly breaking the market.

This network stands out for high commissions, instant payments and advanced tools to help the affiliate.

Let's review everything that I consider interesting:

High commissions

They decided to significantly lower the intermediation rate to give the affiliate an attractive and profitable commission. I have seen offers that other networks are paying 0.5 USD per CPL and in PDL-Profit you have it at 2 USD per CPL.
Not to mention that there are offers that pay you double commission. For example: they pay you 0.3 USD per lead but if the loan is approved they pay you 5 USD again.

Instant payments

You can withdraw all the money you generate the same day but you must exceed the minimum payment of 50 USD. Without a doubt, it is a great benefit, taking into account that in other networks the withdrawal is 30 - 60 days later.

The wide variety of offers

They have more than 200 offers available in 26 countries (USA, LATAM, EUROPE, ASIA). Most of them are personal loan offers with different conversion flows such as CPL, CPS and REVSHARE.

Offer Showcase

You can quickly set up a dynamic showcase of 100% customizable offers to increase credibility and help users make better decisions with the loans that best suit their needs.
In addition, you can integrate your own domain, Google Tag Manager, Facebook Pixel and download the files to upload them to your own server.

Sending 100% free SMS

PDL-profit developed a totally free bulk SMS sending tool. Each affiliate can send 1000 messages per week (4000 monthly messages in total).

Telegram Bot

Also, they have their own Bot to integrate your account with Telegram and check balance, traffic and conversions.

Super powerful API

It is an open and friendly network to connect external applications with your account through different APIs: offers, consumers, statistics, conversions and balance.

Facebook and GA4 integration

It has integrations with Facebook to configure the conversion pixel and Google analytics to track traffic.

Without a doubt, it is a good option to work in the lending vertical that is very hot at the moment.

I have already received several payments and we continue working.

I hope you liked this contribution.