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GTM Gets an Upgrade: Server-Side Tagging!


New Marketer

Jan 9, 2024
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Have you gone through the latest update of GTM?
If not, then here's what's new! GTM Gets an Upgrade: Server-Side Tagging (as of March 2024)!

This new update allows you to have more control over your Google Tag Manager (GTM) setup. Introduced in March 2024, this new feature lets you run GTM containers on a server instead of just the user's browser. In simple words, consider Google Tag Manager (GTM) as a tool for monitoring website activity. Before this upgrade, the toolkit was limited to the user's browser only. But server-side tagging has changed this!

Now any user can use a server, which is a powerful computer specifically designed to run websites, to access this toolkit as well. This implies that, regardless of what is going on with the visitor's computer, you can use some of its capabilities more reliably and safely.

The advancement of server-side tagging has brought the following enhancements:
  1. Privacy has increased, and managing sensitive data on the server for better user privacy compliance has improved.
  2. Moreover, it has flawlessly given fire tags, which eliminates reliance on client-side factors for smoother tag execution.
So, are you ready to level up your GTM game? What's the best benefit of this upgrade, according to you?
Also, it is very likely to experience loopholes in new environments, so have you had any such experiences?

Do chime in!