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50 Things You Should Know About Tumblr

SEM Geek


Staff member
Jun 21, 2023
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  • 1. Origin
Tumblr was founded by David Karp and launched in 2007 as a microblogging platform.

  • 2. Acquired by Yahoo
In 2013, Yahoo acquired Tumblr for $1.1 billion, but it was later sold to Automattic, the parent company of WordPress.com, in 2019.

  • 3. User Base
As of 2021, Tumblr has over 500 million blogs and attracts a wide variety of users, including artists, writers, photographers, and fandom communities.

  • 4. Dashboard
The Tumblr dashboard is the central hub where users can view and manage their blog posts, messages, and notifications.

  • 5. Post Formats
Tumblr supports various post formats, including text, photos, quotes, links, audio, and videos, allowing users to express themselves creatively.

  • 6. Reblogging
Reblogging is a fundamental feature on Tumblr that allows users to share posts from other blogs on their own blog, encouraging community engagement and content discovery.

  • 7. Tagging
Users can add tags to their posts, making them easily discoverable by others with similar interests. Tags are an essential tool for exploring and organizing content on Tumblr.

  • 8. Customization
Tumblr offers extensive customization options, allowing users to personalize their blog's appearance with themes, layouts, colors, and fonts.

  • 9. Anonymous Questions
The Tumblr "Ask" feature enables users to receive anonymous questions or messages from their followers, encouraging interaction and dialogue.

  • 10. GIF and Meme Culture
Tumblr is known for its vibrant GIF and meme culture, with users creating and sharing animated images and humorous content.

  • 11. Fandom Communities
Fandom communities thrive on Tumblr, providing a space for fans to connect, share content, and discuss their favorite books, TV shows, movies, and more.

  • 12. NSFW Content
Tumblr had a significant presence of adult-oriented and NSFW (Not Safe for Work) content, but in 2018, the platform implemented a strict content policy, leading to the removal of explicit content.

  • 13. Safe Mode
To provide a safer browsing experience, Tumblr introduced a Safe Mode feature that filters out potentially sensitive or explicit content.

  • 14. Mobile Apps
Tumblr offers mobile apps for iOS and Android, allowing users to access and post content on the go.

  • 15. Community Guidelines
Tumblr has community guidelines in place to promote a healthy and respectful environment, prohibiting harassment, hate speech, and the sharing of explicit or illegal content.

  • 16. Queueing Posts
Users can queue posts on Tumblr, scheduling them to be published at specific times, helping maintain a consistent flow of content on their blog.

  • 17. Likes and Shares
Apart from reblogging, users can like and share posts on Tumblr to show their appreciation or amplify content to a wider audience.

  • 18. Sideblogs
Tumblr allows users to create multiple blogs under a single account, known as sideblogs, enabling them to focus on different areas of interest.

  • 19. Staff Picks
The Tumblr Staff regularly curates and highlights noteworthy blogs, posts, and communities through the Staff Picks section, promoting content discovery.

  • 20. Community Events
Tumblr organizes community events such as prompts, challenges, and themed weeks to foster creativity, engagement, and collaboration among users.

  • 21. Tumblr Radar
Tumblr Radar showcases popular and trending posts, helping users discover fresh content and trending topics on the platform.

  • 22. Audio Posts
Users can share audio content, including music, podcasts, and spoken-word recordings, directly on Tumblr.

  • 23. Video Posts
In addition to GIFs, users can upload and share videos on Tumblr, expanding the range of multimedia content on the platform.

  • 24. Follow and Unfollow
Users can follow other blogs on Tumblr to stay updated with their content, and they can also unfollow blogs if they no longer wish to see their posts.

  • 25. HTML Editing
Tumblr provides users with the ability to edit the HTML code of their blog, allowing for advanced customization and tailored layouts.

  • 26. Ask Games
Ask games are popular on Tumblr, where users answer a series of questions or prompts in a playful and creative manner.

  • 27. Explore Page
The Explore page showcases trending and popular content across various categories, providing users with a curated selection of posts to discover.

  • 28. Submissions
Users can accept submissions from others, allowing them to contribute their content to a blog with proper attribution.

  • 29. Fan Art and Fanfiction
Tumblr hosts a vast amount of fan art and fanfiction, offering a platform for fans to showcase their creativity and share their love for their favorite media.

  • 30. Instant Messaging
Tumblr has integrated instant messaging features that allow users to chat with other Tumblr users privately.

  • 31. Social Integration
Tumblr allows users to connect their blog with their other social media accounts, such as Twitter and Instagram, to cross-post content.

  • 32. Submission Guidelines
Many blogs on Tumblr have specific submission guidelines for those who want to submit their content, ensuring that it aligns with the blog's theme or aesthetic.

  • 33. Source Tracking
Tumblr provides the ability to see the original source of a reblogged post, allowing users to trace back the post's origins and give credit to the original content creator.

  • 34. Blog Moderation
Tumblr offers tools for blog owners to moderate comments, filter messages, and manage their online community effectively.

Users can bookmark posts on Tumblr for future reference or to create collections of inspiring or informative content.

  • 36. Tumblr Radar
Tumblr Radar showcases popular and trending posts, helping users discover fresh content and trending topics on the platform.

  • 37. Collaboration and Group Blogs
Tumblr provides an option for users to create group blogs, allowing multiple contributors to publish content together.

  • 38. API Access
Tumblr offers an API that allows developers to access and interact with Tumblr data, enabling the creation of third-party apps and integrations.

  • 39. Blog Statistics
Tumblr provides basic blog statistics, including the number of posts, followers, and likes, giving users insights into their blog's performance.

  • 40. Event Tags
During special events, such as conventions or celebrations, users can use event tags on Tumblr to follow relevant posts and discussions.

  • 41. Privacy Settings
Users have control over their blog's privacy settings, allowing them to restrict visibility to only approved followers or keep their blog entirely private.

  • 42. Integration with External Services
Users can integrate Tumblr with external services like IFTTT (If This Then That) to automate cross-posting or perform other custom actions based on specific triggers.

  • 43. Age Restrictions
Tumblr requires users to indicate their age and has mechanisms in place to prevent underage users from accessing explicit or adult content.

  • 44. Community Guidelines
To maintain a positive and inclusive environment, Tumblr enforces community guidelines and encourages users to report any violations or abusive behavior.

  • 45. Premium Themes
In addition to free themes, Tumblr offers premium themes with advanced customization options, providing users with more control over their blog's aesthetics.

  • 46. Revisions
Tumblr allows users to view the edit history of their posts and revert to previous versions if needed, ensuring flexibility and content management.

  • 47. Outage Alerts
Tumblr provides outage notifications and updates via its official Twitter account (@tumblr), informing users about any service interruptions or technical issues.

  • 48. Advertisements
Tumblr incorporates ads into the dashboard and mobile apps, which helps support the platform and keep it free for users.

  • 49. API Usage Guidelines
Developers utilizing the Tumblr API must adhere to the platform's usage guidelines and terms of service to ensure proper handling and utilization of user data.

  • 50. Community Support
Tumblr has an active community support forum where users can seek assistance, share ideas, and connect with other Tumblr enthusiasts.

Tumblr is a dynamic and diverse platform that caters to a broad range of creative and community-driven users. With its distinctive features, customizable blogs, and vibrant user base, Tumblr continues to provide a unique space for expression, exploration, and connection in the online world.