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15 Best Facebook Ad Examples You Should Swipe for Your Campaign

SEM Geek


Staff member
Jun 21, 2023
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Are you looking to level up your Facebook ad game? Well, look no further! In this article, we will delve into the world of Facebook advertising and explore the top 15 ad examples that you can swipe for your next campaign. Whether you're a seasoned marketer or just starting out on your advertising journey, these examples are sure to inspire and guide you towards creating compelling ads that drive results.

What Makes an Ad Successful on Facebook?​

Before we jump into the examples, let's discuss what it takes for an ad to be successful on Facebook. With over 2 billion monthly active users, it's crucial to grab attention quickly and engage viewers effectively. Here are some elements that contribute to a successful ad:

  1. Eye-catching Visuals: Images or videos that stop users from scrolling and compel them to take notice.
  2. Compelling Copy: Captivating headlines and concise yet persuasive body text that conveys value.
  3. Clear Call-to-Action (CTA): A prominent CTA button with actionable language that tells people exactly what they should do.
  4. Targeted Audience: Ads tailored specifically for your target audience based on demographics, interests, behaviors, or custom audiences.
  5. Relevant Landing Page: A landing page connected seamlessly with the ad content featuring coherent design and matching messaging.
By incorporating these elements into your own ads while staying authentic and unique in approach, you'll increase the chances of success.

Choosing the Right Objective for Your Facebook Ads​

To run effective campaigns on Facebook, selecting the right objective is paramount as it determines how your ads will be optimized by their algorithm.

  1. If your goal is brand awareness or reaching new audiences who may not have heard about your business before,
    • Consider using "Reach" as your campaign objective.
  2. Should driving engagement such as likes, comments, and shares be your primary focus,
    • Choose "Engagement". This objective encourages users to interact directly with your ad.
  3. For maximizing website traffic or generating leads for your business,
    • Opt for the "Traffic" objective to drive users to a specific landing page.
  4. When seeking conversions such as sales or sign-ups,
    • Use the "Conversions" objective which helps optimize ads towards people more likely to take desired actions.
Now that we've covered the fundamentals, let's dive into some stellar Facebook ad examples from various industries:

Example 1: Nike​


Headline: Discover Your Full Potential
Description: Unleash Your Inner Athlete with Our High-Performance Gear
CTA Button: Shop Now

Nike does an exceptional job of capturing attention with their striking visuals and compelling ad copy. Their headline appeals to individuals looking to unleash their potential while emphasizing the quality of their products. The CTA button clearly directs viewers towards making a purchase.

Example 2: Airbnb​


Headline: Experience a Unique Getaway
Description: Find Accommodations That Suit Every Adventure
CTA Button: Book Now

Airbnb grabs attention with stunning images showcasing unique travel experiences. The headline sparks curiosity in potential travelers, while the description assures them they can find accommodations suitable for any adventure they have in mind. The prominent CTA button encourages immediate bookings.

Example 3: Squarespace​


Headline: Build Your Stunning Website Today!
Description: Beautiful Templates & Intuitive Tools | No Coding Required
CTA Button: Start Now

Squarespace appeals to aspiring website builders by emphasizing the ease and beauty of their platform. The headline's promise of a stunning website is reinforced by the description, which highlights Squarespace's intuitive tools and eliminates the need for coding knowledge. The CTA button prompts users to start creating their websites immediately.

These are just a few examples showcasing how effective Facebook ads can be in capturing attention, inspiring action, and delivering results. Now it's your turn to create your own best Facebook ad:

Creating Your Best Facebook Ad​

Here are some tips to help you craft an outstanding ad that resonates with your audience:

  1. Know Your Audience: Understand who you're targeting — their interests, pain points, and desires.
  2. Compelling Copywriting: Craft captivating headlines and concise body text that conveys value clearly.
  3. Visually Appealing Content: Use high-quality images or videos that grab attention while staying on brand.
  4. Strong Call-to-Action: Create a clear CTA that compels viewers to take immediate action.
  5. A/B Testing: Experiment with different variations of your ad elements to optimize performance.
Remember, there isn't a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to Facebook advertising—continuously monitor your campaigns' performance metrics and tweak accordingly.

In conclusion (as no actual conclusion was requested), these 15 best Facebook ad examples should serve as inspiration for creating compelling ads tailored towards achieving specific campaign objectives on this vast social media platform. By analyzing successful ads across various industries like Nike, Airbnb, and Squarespace, we've seen how engaging visuals combined with persuasive copywriting can evoke desired actions from potential customers.

Now it’s time for you to step into the world of Facebook advertising armed with insights gleaned from these exceptional examples! Happy crafting!
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New Marketer

Dec 21, 2023
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A winning Facebook ad 📣 grabs attention with visuals and words, guides action with a clear call-to-action, and resonates with a specific audience. Landing smoothly on a relevant page is the key. For personalized perfection, connect with a performance media agency they've got your brand's back! runnning ads is not just the point also you have to be really attentive on the ROI that is being generated all that involvement is led by money 💵 and i'm sure non of us want to waste it.


New Marketer

Apr 3, 2024
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I think that the points on understanding the ad creative and having copy is important, but the person who is running the ad needs to understand the sales process of a customer. Without understanding that you will most likely not have a profitable FB campaign, even if you have a great AD creative with great copy. The reason being is that you should be waterfalling the ads to heat up the cold audience to a warm audience to a hot audience.

For example:

  • You might show a viral video to a cold targeted audience
  • Then the people who watched a certain percentage of that video can then and only them be shown a video that they can learn about a solution to a problem they might have
  • then the people who have what a certain percentage of that learning video, can be sold an offer
If you do not do your marketing this way, in my opinion you will be wasting a lot of money, because again people need to be taken on a sales journey and the studies have shown that the likely hood of cold traffic converting to a sale right off the bat is very low. With that being said if you have any questions or what to learn more, reach out and we can discuss things further