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Is Digital Marketing Good for Your Career?

SEM Geek


Staff member
Jun 21, 2023
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Digital marketing has become one of the most in-demand skills and fastest growing career fields of the 21st century. But is pursuing a career in digital marketing really worthwhile? Let's analyze the key benefits, job prospects, salaries, and skills required to determine if digital marketing is a good career option for you.

The Rise of Digital Marketing​

Over the past decade, digital channels have revolutionized how companies market and sell their products and services to connect with customers online. In fact, more than half of the world's population now uses social media, while global digital ad spending hit $515 billion in 2021.

This massive shift toward digital has created significant demand for marketing professionals with specialized digital skills. The digital marketing field simply didn't exist 10-15 years ago. Today, digital marketing roles across social media, search, content, email, and more are some of the most crucial in any modern marketing team.

Booming Career Potential and Job Prospects​

Choosing a career with strong growth potential is key, and digital marketing fits the bill perfectly. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), demand for digital marketing roles is predicted to grow by over 10% between 2021-2031, much faster than the average across all occupations.

Plus, digital marketing provides an array of potential career pathways across multiple specializations. Some top in-demand digital marketing careers include:

  • SEO managers: SEO shapes how brands connect with customers searching online and drives website organic traffic and conversions.
  • Social media managers: These professionals manage brands' social presence across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok.
  • Content marketers: They create, optimize, promote content to attract and convert website visitors.
  • Email marketers: Email marketers specialize in email campaigns that nurture leads and turn them into customers.
  • PPC specialists: PPC or pay-per-click involves bidding on ads and optimizing based on budgets and campaign performance.
  • Web analysts: They analyze site traffic, engagement metrics, funnels, conversions to offer data-backed optimization recommendations that maximize ROI.
Reputable digital marketing job boards list thousands of openings for these specialties and more every month, exceeding supply in many cases. Popular professional social platforms like LinkedIn also showcase ample digital marketing opportunities at leading companies globally.

In other words, digital marketers enjoy abundant job prospects across specializations currently and for the foreseeable future.

Lucrative Salaries​

The high demand for digital marketing skills also brings lucrative pay at every career level. According to PayScale, average salaries for common digital marketing roles in the United States are:

  • Entry-level digital marketer: $49,596
  • Digital marketing specialist: $62,139
  • Digital marketing manager: $85,039
  • Senior digital marketing manager: $103,297
  • Director of digital marketing: $131,378
These salaries grow higher with certifications, specializations, and skills mastery. And the BLS predicts strong 9% salary growth for market research analysts and marketing specialists through 2031.

Freelance digital marketers can also earn $50-$100 per hour, though pay varies based on portfolio, skills, experience and more.

Essential Skills to Master​

While digital marketing comprises multiple sub-fields, nearly all roles require expertise across these core areas:

Digital strategy: Develop data-backed digital strategies and define key objectives to guide campaigns and initiatives.

Content creation: Produce optimized, creative content across formats like articles, emails, posts, guides etc.

SEO: Improve website findability and ranking through technical and content optimization.

Google Analytics: Analyze site traffic and user engagement to offer optimization recommendations.

Social media marketing: Manage and grow brands' social media presence, engagement and lead generation.

Email marketing: Design and manage email campaigns that nurture subscriber relationships and loyalty.

Paid media: Manage paid ads across platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Google to reach wider audiences.

Campaign analysis: Compile campaign insights and analytics to showcase impact and optimize future initiatives.

The more digital marketing skills you master as part of your career growth, the more in-demand and higher-paying your profile becomes over time.

Digital Marketing - A Smart Long-Term Career Choice​

In summary, choosing digital marketing as a career:

  • Offers tremendous demand for the foreseeable future
  • Presents versatile career pathways across specializations
  • Commands lucrative salaries with strong upside
  • Allows you to apply in-demand digital skills
  • Keeps you at the forefront of marketing innovations
So for anyone exploring career options, digital marketing stands out as a future-proof field with immense opportunities to grow professionally and financially over the long term.

The barriers to entry are also low, with ample free learning resources available online across all digital marketing disciplines. While formal education and certifications can advance your career faster, they are not mandatory to get started in digital marketing roles.

If you're motivated to upskill yourself across the many facets of digital marketing, it is absolutely a smart, viable and rewarding career option worth pursuing.