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Interview Questions for Google Ads Specialists

SEM Geek


Staff member
Jun 21, 2023
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Interviewing candidates for a Google Ads specialist role requires asking targeted questions to assess critical skills. This guide covers key questions to evaluate a candidate's technical abilities, analytical approach, and communication style when considering them for a Google Ads specialist position.

Technical Expertise​

A Google Ads specialist must demonstrate extensive expertise in campaign setup, management, reporting, and optimization. Prepare to evaluate their practical knowledge with questions like:

What metrics do you track to determine Google Ads effectiveness?​

Ideal response covers metrics like impression share, click-through rate (CTR), cost per click (CPC), conversion rate, return on ad spend (ROAS), etc. Assess their understanding of actionable metrics.

How would you optimize ad groups for higher quality scores?​

Listen for targeting relevant keywords with tightly themed ad groups, crafting engaging ad copy, setting appropriate bids, monitoring CTRs, optimizing landing pages, etc.

What best practices do you follow when structuring an account?​

Seek a structured approach using campaigns segmented by product lines, service offerings or separate client accounts with shared assets like ad groups.

Analytics and Optimization​

Evaluating analytical thinking and optimization abilities is crucial for a Google Ads specialist. Example questions:

Your ROAS declined over the last 7 days with no changes. What is your troubleshooting approach?​

Ideally they validate if it is an account-specific or industry-wide issue first, check for changes in search volumes, then dig into metrics like impression share, walk through auctions, etc.

How do you optimize Campaigns for better conversions?​

Good responses cover expanding/pausing better performing ad groups, a/b testing ad variations, adjusting match types and bids, placements targeting, and implementing smart bidding like Target ROAS or Maximize Conversion Value.

When would you choose automated vs manual bidding and why?​

Smart candidates understand limitations of automated bidding and need for ongoing human optimization. They know when to leverage which smart bidding levers for accounts at different stages and complexities.

Communication and Presentation​

The specialist role requires clearly communicating optimizations and results to stakeholders. For instance:

Your client spends $10K per month but has a low ROAS. How do you convince them to increase budget?​

Seek evidence-based justification communicating opportunity costs of not spending enough and a plan to expand share of voice to improve results over time.

How would you present account performance updates to a non-technical executive stakeholder?​

Well-structured visual reports in easy to understand metrics are ideal, not data dumps. Evaluate how they tailor messaging per audience needs.

Closing Questions​

Conclude by evaluating specialities, interest and cultural fit:

Which Google Ads features have you found most impactful lately?​

Shows they stay updated on latest platform innovations and leverage cutting edge tools.

Where else have you increased ROAS for clients recently?​

Proves holistic expertise beyond just Google Ads.

Why are you interested in this specialist role with our company?​

Assess alignment to role needs and company mission.

Using behavioral questions aligned to required capabilities helps thoroughly assess Google Ads specialists. Evaluate responses based on depth of knowledge, analytical approach, communication ability and potential cultural alignment. The strongest candidate displays both technical platform expertise and strategic mindset.